This is not your average travel company. 


Adventure travel? 

Luxury tours? 

We don't fit into a category. We can't compare ourselves to anything else on the market. 

Are you ready?

At Elizabeth And Co. we take you for an experience like no other! 

Let the pages of a mystery novel come to life! Follow clues through Europe and discover the ending for yourself! 

Based on an original novel by our owner/creator, we have woven clues throughout the story and brought them to life in the real world for you, our client, to discover!  Immerse yourself in intrigue, mystery, deceit, and scandal. Unravel the story as you travel and take in beautiful sites and soak up history along the way! 

  We regret about that we are not traveling at this time.  It seems when  I am TOLD I can't do something, it makes m want to do it all the more!  Anyone else like that?  Anyway, because we can't go there, we decided to bring France to you. Please visit the Gift Box page!